Hardware Tools

Hardware Tools

DISCLAIMER:  This is Tom in Tech Support's personal website; therefore, any and all recommendations for products and services are solely his personal opinion.  Although Tom is employed by Siemens, no endorsement by Siemens is intended or implied.

Chapman Set:   Few things are more frustrating than trying to install or remove a screw or an allen bolt without ample room for a screwdriver or an allen wrench. In these situations, one of the best tools you can own is a Chapman Set.  Various kits are available, each containing different bits.  I strongly recommend a set with both standard and metric bits.  The Master Kit (#5575) contains every bit Chapman makes, but costs $150.  I have Kit #7331, which only costs $42.

Click here for the Chapman Selector Tool.

Computer Power Supply Tester:  When you press the On/Off switch on a personal computer and nothing happens, most people immediately suspect the power supply.  However, I've found that at least 25% of the time, the motherboard is at fault.  Dell computers are especially notorious for this problem. On a personal computer, the On/Off switch does not connect directly to the power supply.  Instead, it connects to the motherboard and then the motherboard sends a PS_ON signal to the power supply.

For less than $25, you can purchase a computer power supply tester.  Afterwards, you simply unplug the power supply wiring harness from the motherboard, and then insert the tester into that harness.  The tester will send the PS_ON signal to turn on the power supply, and then the tester will indicate whether each voltage is present.

Click here for more info --> Computer Power Supply Tester

Hard Drive Adapter:  So what happens when your obsolete computer motherboard dies, but your hard drive is still functional and it contains all your valuable information and files?  An inexpersive way to salvage your data is to use a multi-function adapter that can connect SATA or IDE drives to a USB cable.  Simply remove the hard drive from the old computer, and then connect the adapter between that drive and the USB port of a working computer.

Click here for a $30 multi-function adapter from Amazom --> MultiFunction_Adapter

Power Protection:  Some people will spend $1000 or more on a home computer, a monitor, and a printer, and then plug them into the cheapest power strip they can find.  If you believe that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, then purchase an APC UPS or surge protector. Unlike that $5 power strip you probably bought at the local Walmart, every APC UPS or surge protector comes with a $10,000 guarantee that any device it powers will not be damaged.

I live in the lightning capitol of the world (Central Florida), so I have all my television and audio systems on APC surge protectors and each of my computers on an APC UPS.   And I've never had an electrical problem with any device powered by an APC device.

Note:  A surge protector only provides surge protector; whereas, a UPS provides uninterrupted power via a battery backup.  For that reason, I have my cable modem  / internet router, computers and surveillance cameras connected to a UPS.

Below are links for UPS devices typically installed on Siemens MI-SPECT systems.

Link >  Alpha Technologies CFR-1500 Manual

Link >  APC Battery Selector Tool

Link >  APC SmartUPS 1500 Manual

Link >  APC RT-5000 Manual

       Link >  Eaton Battery Selector Tool

Link >  Tripplite SMART1500SLT Website

Replacing the battery in a UPS is usually not much more difficult than changing the battery in any consumer electronics.  See the videos below for two examples.

APC 1500

Tripplite 1500

However, the greater the capacity of the UPS, the greater the complexity replacing batteries. See the video below for an example, i.e., replacing the 16 batteries in a APC SURTA-3000.  The same procedure is used to replace the 16 batteries on an APC RT-5000.