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SMPTE is the Society of Motion Picture & Television Engineers. This organization has developed several test patterns to ensure image quality viewing standards. Below are both a DICOM SMPTE and SIMFIT pattern.  Each is a 1024 x 1024 image that can be used to calibrate the monitor on any viewing station running DICOM software.


  • The SMPTE pattern is used for making adjustments visually.  This pattern is used to ensure the user can discriminate between the various levels of grey scale.  While each level  of grey scale is important, the ability to view the 5% and 95% levels are critical to viewing medical images.


  • The SIMFIT is used for making adjustments electronically.  This pattern is used with a luminance meter to precisely calibrate the optical density of a monitor's black level and white level.

Click here to download a DICOM SMPTE Pattern

If using an older browser, then right-click & save as SPMTE.dcm.

Click here to download a DICOM SIMFIT Pattern

If using an older browser, then right-click & save as SIMFIT.dcm.

NOTE 1:  The filenames are SPMTE.dcm and SIMFIT.dcm.  Save each file to the root directory of a USB Flash Drive without renaming either file, as this will simplify importing the files on a DICOM system.  Once the files are imported into a DICOM database, the displayed patient's name will be ServiceImages.

NOTE 2:  On a Siemens MI-SPECT computer system, import the patterns from a USB Flash Drive by first inserting the drive and waiting for it to mount, and then using the syngo Patient Browser function "Transfer > Import from off-line."  Afterwards, display each pattern on the Viewing tab.  Since each pattern is a 1024 x 1024 image, the viewing format should be 1:1, and the image should fill the entire viewing area.  If not, on the menu bar, select View > 1:1 and Image > Window on Selection.

NOTE 3: For information on using a SMPTE pattern to adjust DICOM monitors according to the ICANL Standard for Nuclear Cardiology, click here --> ICANL_Monitor_Adjustment.pdf

Resolution & Color Settings Test Pattern

If you need a test pattern to check the resolution & color settings of the Viewing Workstation, click on the link below and then save the 1280 x 1024 bitmap to a USB Flash Drive.

Click here to download a 1280 x 1024 Test Pattern

Afterwards, on the Viewing Workstation....

  • Click on Start > Programs > Accessories > Paint. If not found, run mspaint.exe.
  • On Paint's menu bar, select File > Open, and then Browse to the downloaded bitmap, and click on Open.
  • On Paint's menu bar, select View > View Bitmap
    If using a 1280 x 1024 monitor, then verify the entire 1280 to 1024 portion of the image is displayed.
    If not...
    • Click on Start > Settings > Control Panel > Display
    • For Windows 7, click on Adjust Resolution.
    • For Windows XP, click on the Settings tab.
    • Verify the video card is configured for a resolution of 1280 by 1024. 32 bit color.
    • Most monitors have an OSD (On Screen Display) functionality using buttons on the monitor.  Open the OSD.
    • Verify the monitor is indicating that it is currently operating in a resolution of 1280 x 1024.
      • On Viewsonic monitors, the resolution is listed  under INFORMATION.
      • On EIZO monitors, the resolution is listed under Tool > Info 1.