About Tom

About Tom

If you spoke with me on the Siemens support hotline, then it was probably regarding a Siemens nuclear medicine gamma camera or associated computer.  Gamma cameras are medical diagnostic devices that combine state-of-the-art electronics with cutting edge robotics.  The electronics create very detailed images of human anatomy and function, while the robotics maneuver the electronics according to a patient's body contour for optimal image quality. And like everything else these days, these devices are controlled by ever increasingly complex software.

So what are my qualifications to provide technical support on this advanced technology?  After high school, I completed the US Navy's six-year Advanced Electronics Program.  After finishing my military obligation as an Electronics Warfare Technician, I worked at two different Department of Defense engineering labs while completing my Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science.

I joined Siemens Medical Systems in 1988 as a Field Service Engineer in Miami, Florida.  For the next eleven years, I worked exclusively on Siemens nuclear medicine products, primarily on systems installed between Jacksonville and Key West.  In 1999, at Siemens request, I relocated to the Orlando area and began servicing Siemens MR and PET scanners, while still maintaining nuclear medicine products.  In 2001, I was named the Siemens Field Service Engineer of the Year for the state of Florida.

In 2004, Siemens offered me a position as a Technical Support Engineer (TSE).  By that time, I had 16 years of experience with Siemens products.  So nowadays, instead of traveling to two or three hospitals or clinics each day, I work from my home office, where I typically handle 20 to 30 phone calls from both customers and Siemens Field Service Engineers throughout the United States and abroad.  In 2006, 2010 and 2017, I was named the Siemens Nuclear Medicine TSE of the Year.

As a Nuclear Medicine TSE, I attend workshops for new products before these systems begin shipping to customers. This provides me with invaluable hands-on experience, and also allows me to interact with the design engineers and software programmers.  I also attend advanced training classes on existing products. Together, these workshops and training classes enable me to keep up-to-date on everything in the Siemens Nuclear Medicine product line.  Additionally, I frequently travel to customer sites throughout the US to assist local Siemens Field Service Engineers whenever difficult, urgent, or time-consuming problems arise.

So what are my qualifications?  In short, I have over 40 years of electronics experience (the last 30 with Siemens), a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science, I receive constant updates and training, and I frequently travel to sites to repair the most difficult problems.  If a customer has a problem with a Siemens gamma camera or computer, then I’m the person they need on the case.